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How long has it been since you found me? How long ago was it when I was suffering from harsh wounds and crawling to a safe place away from all the dangers that were happening in my life? That long, huh? Yeah.. sounds about right. I went through so much on this journey that you have helped me through it. Time and time again, I faced hardships. Back then, I wasn't sure what I was doing or even going for that matter. All I know is that things got bad. REALLY bad. So bad that I was getting ready for the worse possible outcome. Getting on my knees and waiting for my own demise. You didn't let that happen. You pulled me away from it all and showed me what I needed to do and how to get to where I wanted to go. It was never easy though. I have fallen off the horse multiple times and got back on it thanks to you. Over these last few years, I have changed and so have you. In so many ways that I couldn't even imagine back then. I am forever in your debt. Now's the time to finally finish what was started. I can't thank you enough for always being that reminder to me with everything that you surrounded me with. That ultimately changed so much in a lot of good ways and brought me back to life with determination, hope and happiness. I extinguished a lot of inner demons and dealt with many hardships during that time until now. You tested me several times and each time you did, I came out victorious. No more fear... no more running away.. no more being unsure of the unknown. Even though I will start a new journey in the not so distant future, I can happily say that this one that I have been on for a long time is finally coming to it's end. This is my journey's end..
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I've wanted to write something that I have kept dear to myself for the longest time. It's been one helluva year and without a doubt, I feel like I have been through quite the transformation. I feel like I am still getting to where I want to be in life, but this year was definitely a test of so many things that I have either been scared to face or didn't care about. Here we are now, the year is almost over and I think this journal will be a reflection of everything that I went through and ultimately helped me. I will express a lot of myself with music and images of what helped me through this tough but rewarding journey so if something doesn't make sense to you, I apologize. I hope you enjoy reading this regardless and perhaps get something out of it like I always want people to do. Without further ado, my metamorphosis. (Note: The pictures and videos in this journal belong to their original owners and I do not in any way claim them as my own)

Off to a rough start

I looked forward to the year starting off well and having fun. I had so much planned out and so excited to see what the year had in store for me. Unfortunately, it started off very badly. I would rather not go in to details about what happened, but I wasn't myself and because of this, someone got hurt. For several weeks, I had this pain inside of me and was figuring out how to deal with it. I wasn't getting any answers though. I kept getting frustrated and before I knew it, a monster had manifested itself within me. I sometimes did not know how to deal with it, but I started to figure it out slowly thanks to a bunch of special friends.…

Finding motivation

As I continued to figure out what to do about myself, I was also figuring out things I needed to do as far as my future was concerned. So much was hitting me and sometimes, I could not always bear to keep thinking about it all at once. That's when I found comfort in things I enjoyed.. One of which are video games. They have always been my escape, my sanctuary, my peace. If you have read some of my past journals, you will know how much of a nerd I am with video games and they really have taught me a lot. One in particular that helped me calm myself was one of my favorites and the newest entry of the series – I am referring to Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 (Lesson 1: Face your fears)

Playing this game gave me so many feelings. Especially the nostalgic feeling of the older Resident Evils and going inside a mansion filled with zombies and other monsters. I haven't really liked a lot of the other Resident Evils after Resident Evil 4, but after playing this one? It's my new favorite. Not just because it's a great game, but also because it brought me comfort and a representation of what I needed to. Killing the monsters was slowly motivating me to face my own life fears. I know that sounds absurd, but it was really getting me to this point where the fears I was having about myself, life and so on were something that I needed to step up to. Whenever I would find a save room, I would be welcomed with a relaxing southern atmosphere of wooden furniture, a desk with old letters asking for help or a reminder for something, a library of books and so much more. What completed all of this was the save room music they brought back and once again, a southern touch to it.…

Beating the game was definitely something that brought me happiness and pleasure. I played this game over and over again throughout the year and it's literally up there with Resident Evil 4. What makes them so significant to me is that I played both of these games while dealing with a lot. This was just one of the many things that helped me develop this year and it is definitely one the most important.

Heroes Never Die! (Lesson 2: Strength)

Ah, yes.. Being reminded of my favorite heroes was something that truly helped me. As a kid, I always looked up to some of my favorite heroes such as Batman, Megaman, Goku and so on. Anything that had to do with them really helped me and I can honestly say that they have helped more than I can even remember. Watching them take out the bad guys and making sure that the world was a better place influenced me to help others with their problems. Watching them really gave me a lot of inner strength and that really helped me out this year. I would feel weak at times and seeing even just a reminder of them would bring me back to having what I lost before. I mean, just look at these awesome heroes and tell me you don't want to go out and do something awesome after watching them in action! :D………

But seriously.. I have grown up with these guys and they have never let me down when I needed them the most. A very special thanks to their creators, because without their creators, they would not exist and have had such a huge impact on my life. You guys are legendary and will always live in my heart forever.

Nier: Automata (Lesson 3: Never give up!)

If you read a previous journal I wrote about this game, it is truly a remarkable game that really helped me get closer to where I needed to be at. Everything about this game represented something in my life. The characters trying to find answers, development, mystery, beauty and so much more. I felt like what the characters had gone through was something I was going through. A war with myself and life itself. I wanted to scream when things weren't going my way. I wanted to pound the ground in anger and yell out obscenities like there was no tomorrow. I knew that the enemies were tough and they especially represented the hardships I was dealing with. Especially when they all attacked me at once. 2B was a quiet character that's sole purpose was to get the mission objective done (This will later be explained as something that helped me) and I looked up to her, 9S and A2. I wanted to hug them after what they went through and cry with them after everything they had to deal with and all the lies that were buried beneath their discoveries.

At times, I was ready for what I needed to deal with in life and with the “other side of me” thanks to these three for that. Even when I knew it was going to be a tough battle, I knew I would have to find the courage to beat it and win.…

When I was all worn out from dealing with it all, I would find peace by resting in my room, surrounded by darkness that I wanted to stay in forever, but was my temporary “Safe room” until a new problem would arise.…

This game is truly a life lesson and I would recommend anyone to play it. A true masterpiece filled with beauty and encouragement.

Lost Path (Lesson 4: Guidance)

For a while, I lost site of what I was doing due to some outside problems already on top of what I was dealing with. I found myself broken and weak once again. You're probably asking yourself “What about everything that you have been talking about that's been helping you?” Well, I felt like it was blocked off, because of this new problem. Little by little, I found my way again. Like getting lost somewhere and using a map and tools to find your way back again. Sure! It was frustrating, but I was able to find it again thanks to some more help.…

It's the little things.. (Lesson 5: Enjoyment)

When summer was nearby, I started to have lots of fun with my family and other otaku things I did. I played such a great game during the summer called Life is Strange. The game was about two years old and I never got the chance to play it until then and I loved everything about it. The writing, the characters, the story, the art and much more. Just the smallest things about that game really gave me some light somehow. Seeing the main character Max go through so much and discovering her new found power to go back in time and fixing mistakes she made. However.. every choice in the game you make, even if you want to go back and redo it, has some sort of consequence later on that you will have to face. It was also about her reconnecting with her friend, Chloe and the struggles they had to face together after not seeing each other for many years. I felt everything about this game and it was just so great and one the major highlights of my summer.…

Speaking of old games, I played another one that I was waiting to play for a long time and my oh my was it another masterpiece! Undertale was just so phenomenal. It really made me think about my own actions that I was making in my life. Unlike Life is Strange, if you make a decision in this game such as killing a monster, it will come back to you. I don't want to spoil too much for anyone who hasn't played these games yet, but it really helped me think about my friends who have been there for me. The same ones that have taught me so much, shed tears together, had a few laughs here and there and dealing with this adventure we call life. It was definitely worth waiting to play on my PS4 and it's a game I would recommend to anyone. Those old school graphics never get old either and it just goes to show you that a game doesn't need top notch graphics to be amazing and another life lesson.…

Moving away from games and anime for just a second, I think what really got me going was seeing my basketball team win the championship. Last year, we were defeated by our rival that we have gone against three times now. The year before that, we won, but I was upset that we weren't going to be back to back champions. This year made up for it. Seeing my team win just increased my motivation even more so and I was seriously so happy seeing them win and all the hard work they put into the year to reach that championship and come out winners.…

Setting things in to motion (Lesson 6: Determination)

Everything that you have read about my nerdy ass (Lol) helped me find a new job and I can't thank my cousin enough for helping me get it. For those of you who don't know, I started working at a restaurant. I was a bit nervous at first and even though I had been here many times and met some people, I was nervous about messing up at first, but I slowly started to become one of the best employees there. I was quiet and shy yet I got things done. People saw how much I was helping them when they were overwhelmed. How can I not? They have helped me better understand my job and helped me when I needed it. Over the few months that I was there, everyone was talking about me. That includes my bosses and I heard nothing but good things from all of them. Even the people that had been there for many years told me that it had been a while since they saw someone so kind, hard working and awesome as myself. Hearing all of this combined with everything that had helped me through out the year was all a reminder that I was determined to bring 110% to my job all the time.  

I met many friends that even came up to me and said they were always happy to see me and made their day even better knowing they were going to work with me. After a few weeks of starting, I was hearing about a lot of work drama, people not getting along with others, liars, lazy workers, etc. My cousin was one of the managers and filled me in on more about all of this. To me, I didn't care. I was there to do my job and I wanted everyone to get along with each other, but I knew that was out of my control. I never hated anyone there, but there were times when some would give me crap for not being on top of my game. Like a football game when the quarterback is not getting any touchdowns and getting crap from the coaches, the players and so on, that's how I felt. I didn't let it bother me. Doing what I had to do was my main goal. I supported people there nevertheless, because we were a team at the end of the day and despite some disagreements and someone not liking the other, it never got in the way of what I needed to do. No matter how difficult things got.…

Overcoming so many obstacles made me feel like a champion. I dealt with some overwhelming days, dealing with rude customers at times or not always bringing that 110% that I wanted to bring. I didn't let it get to me and I made sure that I was ready for any other challenges. Like in Dark Souls, everything was a challenge and you can either move forward and defeat your opponents or give up and I wasn't ready to give up. Ever.……

Changes and Nostalgia (Lesson: 7 Wonderful Memories)

After a lot of thinking about my future and what I really wanted to do, I felt like it was time for me to leave my job. I had been thinking very hard about this and I knew that I wasn't going to stay there forever. I never saw it as a long-term thing. When everyone at work found out I was leaving, they were very surprised. They said they were going to miss me very deeply and I tried not to let it get to me, because truth be told, I am sensitive and easily touched by such kindness. During my last week of work, I noticed my boss talking to our district boss. Long story short, they shut the place down due to business not being good. It was heartbreaking to see the people that have been there for so long and I really didn't want it to end like that. I gave everyone a hug and final farewell, because that was definitely one of the best jobs I had and will never forget the people that made it so wonderful.

Now then, on to something that I have been wanting to talk about and that's nostalgia in the form of my PS2 that was found and the SNES classic that one of my other cousins got me for my birthday. Playing all of these old school games has brought me nothing but fond memories and really appreciating the art and work that went in to it as compared to when I was younger when I just wanted to have fun. Sure, that is still there too, but when you're older and you play these games again, you start to notice the smallest things that made the game really creative and what made it charming. What got you hooked to it like a good book or series that you just want to keep reading and watching more of. I feel like most games nowadays don't even do this anymore. They don't make you go back to replaying it. It's more of “Eh, I beat it” and that's it. I have said this before and I will say it again.. The older generation of gaming got it right! So why is the current generation not as good? I can go more into depth about that, but I'm sure if you played a lot of the older games, you will know the answer to that question. :P

What's the purpose of bringing all of that up? Well.. Once again, it was another reminder of something that was dear to my heart that I missed. Like an old friend that you always hung out with and shared so much with. That was there during your weakest moments and happiest ones. This leads me to my final section of this long ass journal and I thank you so much if you have read up to this point.

Friends (Final Lesson: Happiness, Love and Support)

Where would I be without my fantastic friends that have been with me since the beginning? Whom of which know so much about me like the back of their hand. The same ones I can depend on when I am feeling weak, defeated and need help.…

All of you have been so wonderful to me. You have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you for being there for me. I would seriously be nothing if it weren't for you guys. All of you have taught me so much about myself and yourselves and it's been so amazing. Especially the ones that live in different countries that have taught me about your culture. I have always found that to be fascinating and I thank you for helping me become more knowledgeable about it. To all my friends that read this, I truly thank you. All the nerdy stuff that was mentioned in this journal helped me for sure, but I saved the best for last and that was you guys. I hope to see our friendships blossom in the years to come and to learn even more. I truly do feel like a champion and now, I am ready for my next adventure that will be starting soon. I have everything I need and have been preparing for it for a long time now. Always know that I too am at your side as well and knowing you guys are going to be there with me next year is what drives me to do more than I ever could for you, for myself, for everyone!  

Thank you to my readers for taking the time once again to read something that I have worked on. This year was definitely something that helped me change in so many ways and even though it wasn't always easy, it was well worth it.

EAZYE925 Not a Hero (Art by my wonderful friend Akubakarts ^^)

Remember, you're never just living your life for yourself. Live for everyone you love and are loved by. They're doing the same for you after all. :)…

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Long ago, there was a boy that was friendly to everyone he met. He learned about friendship very early and had many friends that he cared about. One day, a close friend of his moved and the boy began to get worried. He told his parents but because they were so busy with work, they forgot to tell him that his friend's parents decided to move away. The boy did not understand what this meant for you see, he had never experienced someone moving away. The truth was, he was too young to understand that his friend's parents were going through a divorce and his dearest friend had to move away with one of them. His parents saw him frown and they too felt how heavy his heart was with pain. They decided to have a fun day to get his mind off of everything. They took him to the biggest amusement park and he had the best day of his life.

The boy was now 8 years old and again, he found out about a friend moving away. He could not understand why people had to move. He had the same friends since they were just babies and yet, they were going away one by one. The boy then went up to his parents one day, his father watching TV and his mother getting dinner ready. “Mommy, Daddy..” the boy said. “Am I bad?” Both parents were shocked at what he said. His father got up and knelt down, eyes locked on his. “Son, why would you say that you're bad?” he said to him while putting his hand on his shoulder. “Because all my friends are going away and I think it's my fault..” His mother began to cry and rushed to the bathroom. His father gave him a big hug and told him it was not his fault and that people have many reasons why they move. The boy smiled as his father embraced him in his hug.

Now 10 years old, the boy was without many friends. He was scared that if he made friends, that they would disappear like the others so he began to withdraw a lot. He would play alone during recess, eat lunch on his own and sit at the very back of the bus where no one would see him. One day, he noticed a little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and a pink dress sitting where he normally sits. He walked up slowly towards her and sat on the other side of the back of the bus. As the bus started to move, the little girl kept looking back at the boy. He noticed her looking at him a few times but he said nothing. “Why does that girl keep looking at me?” he thought to himself. “Do I have something on my face?” he wiped his face with one hand. The little girl looked at him in amusement and turned towards him. “Hee.. Hello!” she said smiling. The boy turned back at her confused. “Hi!” he said. Her smile grew even wider. “You're the first person I talked to today!” she said still smiling. “I am..?” the boy replied. She nodded and scoot closer to him.  

The boy thought she was odd and they both stayed silent for a few minutes. “Do you want to see something cool?” she said to him. The boy looked back at her and nodded. The girl began to look through her backpack and took out a book. The book was a pop-up book about bugs. She opened it up and the first page was a spider that popped out and the boy was amazed by what he saw. “Wow! That's so cool!” he said. “Can we look at more?!” he wondered. The girl had a very bright smile and began to turn the pages of her book. The bus began to stop and the boy looked up to see that it was at the bus stop. “Aww, man! I wanted to see more!” he said out loud. The girl giggled and put her book away. “Hey! Do you want to be friends with me?!” She said all giddy. The boy smiled and replied with a loud yes. They got off the bus and the boy saw his parents talking to one of the neighbors. “DADDY!!” the girl ran to the man and hugged him. “Hello my little princess! How was your first day?” The boy walked up to his parents and they introduced him to the new neighbor. “Oh, this is your son?” the man said to his parents. “I've heard nothing but good things about you! I see you have met my daughter” the boy looked up at the man. “Yes, sir.” he said to him as he smiled. “Aww, looks like you met a new friend today!” His mother said very happily. “Mom! She has a pop-up book about bugs and it's so cool!” he said in excitement. Both his parents were overjoyed that he had met a new friend since he had not made many in a long time.  

The little girl's father was happy as well and told the boy that they just moved in next door and that he would be happy if they hung out together and the boy was welcomed to come over whenever he wanted to. For the first time in a long time, the boy's parents saw his eyes light up with excitement and happiness. That same night, the boy could not sleep because he felt like he met someone that would not leave him. Especially because they just moved in next door. He rolled around in bed for almost an hour and got up to look out his window. Suddenly, there was a loud noise. “What was that?” he said in confusion. He heard it again and opened his window. He saw a light coming from the garage of the little girl's house. It stopped after ten minutes and he closed his window. Not long after he went to sleep with a smile on his face and looking forward to seeing his new friend over the weekend.

The boy woke up and heard giggles from outside his window. He looked to see his new friend playing tag with her father. She then saw him and waved saying hi to him as well as her father. “Would you like to come over and play?” her father said to him. “YES!! I have to get ready first and eat my breakfast!” Her father began to laugh. “Sure thing! Come over when you're all ready!” The little girl looked back at him from his two story house and yelled out “Yeah! Come over and play! I have so many cool things to show you!!” The boy got in the shower and got dressed as quickly as he could and skipped his breakfast. The girl and her father saw him pass by their white picket fence and spent the whole day playing and having fun. He went back home in the best mood ever and sat on his chair and turned on his desk light to read the book that his friend let him borrow about bugs. He loved how they popped out and read about each bug type. He then heard the same noise he heard the night before coming from the garage of her house. “I wonder what he is doing?” The boy became curious and decided to sneak out as soon as he saw his parents go to their room to sleep. He was very quite as he went to her house. He opened the fence's door and hid behind one of the bushes and got a closer look. What he saw made his eyes open wider than he had ever opened in his entire life.  

The little girl was laying on platform. She looked to be asleep due to her eyes being closed. He then saw her father come back with something small but metal in his hand. “This is all you need now, sweetie and then we don't have to worry for a long time about doing anymore repairs” The boy got even closer and noticed that the girl's body was opened up with a bunch of glowing lights, gears and wires coming from it. “Wow...” he said to himself. The boy tripped over a bucket that he had not seen due to it being dark and made a loud noise that surprised the man. “Who's there?” the man said. The boy tried to stay quiet and did not want to get in trouble, but the man found him hiding behind the bushes and flashed a bright light from his flashlight. “Oh, it's you! What are you doing over here at this time of the night?” The boy apologized and began to cry. “No, son! It's okay! It's my fault for making too much noise. You were just curious, weren't you?” The boy wiped his tears away and nodded. The man smiled at him.

“There's no use hiding it now so I can show you.” The boy followed him to the garage and saw the little girl. “What do you think?” The boy stared at her and saw a large machine and computers with weird numbers and words he could not read. “She's.. a...” The man smiled once again. “Yes, son.. She's a robot” The boy looked back at her and he became so awestruck. “WOOOOOWWW!” MY FRIEND IS A ROBOT?!” The man was worried he would freak out and was so relieved that he did not. “Yes, my boy! What you are seeing is a robot I made. I hope that you can keep this a secret from some of the other children at school. You see, I..” The man stopped and looked away very sad. “Never mind. I can trust you to keep this a secret? Your parents know about it already and I trust all of you, because you are very nice people” he said scratching his black beard. The boy nodded in excitement and replied “You can trust me, sir! She's my friend and friends always keep each others secrets!” The man laughed and pat him on the head. “I know she will enjoy playing with you some more tomorrow and I am making sure she is all set!” The boy stayed looking at her and saw the lights glowing from the opening of her upper body and a robotic metal skeleton that had many wires attached to her arms and gears turning from a metal heart.

The boy was no longer a boy now. He was now 16 years old. The little girl had gone through “upgrades” in order to look older and was also considered a 16 year old. Nothing was ever said about her being a robot. The girl's father saw them studying one day in their living room. “I'm done!” the girl said. “No fair! I still have 10 pages left!” She giggled. “Honey, can you go get me something from the back, please?” She nodded and walked her robotic legs that moved like human legs to the back to get what the man was needing. He turned to the boy and sat at the table. “I think it's time I told you something.” He looked up at him and closed his book. “Sir? What is it?” The man told him a story about how he had a daughter before they moved 6 years ago. He told him that his daughter was in an accident. She had been riding her bike and was hit by drunk driver. The man told him how crushed his heart was and that she was the only thing he had left in this world. However, the man actually worked for a robotics lab that very few people knew about and begin to construct a robot that became his robotic daughter.  

He gave her a personality, able to learn very quickly, but he told her not to show off too much to avoid suspicion and that he wanted her to live as human as possible. The boy began to cry and the man smiled and told him it was okay and that he loved his daughter very much and will never forget about her and that this robot was supposed to be a helper robot. He decided to create it in her memory and was not a replacement at all. She was a representation of hope, happiness, love and so much more. His robotic daughter came back and the boy rushed to the bathroom to wipe away his tears and not worry his friend. She knocked on the door. “Are you okay in there? My scanners indicate high levels of sadness. What is wrong? Do you want to talk about it?” The boy came out and hugged her and told her how happy he was that they were friends. She smiled and held him in her arms.

Time had passed once again and this time, the teen was now a man living on his own. He was in his 30's and currently in a local bar drinking heavily. “Bartender! I need another drink!” The bartender looked at him. He had several tattoos on his arms, a thick beard and clothes that were so worn out that he looked homeless. “Sir.. I think you've had enough now..” The bartender said in her calming voice. “Just fucking pour it, bitch.” he said angrily. “I'm going to have to ask you to leave now!” she said in very angry tone. “Blah, blah!” He grabbed one of the bottles from over the bar and began to drink from it. The man was thrown out shortly after. “Fuck yoouuuu!!!” he yelled out with two middle fingers in the air. He walked to his apartment across the street and struggled to open up the door. When he got inside after a few attempts of placing the key in the keyhole, he slammed his door and fell on his couch. He passed out for several hours and woke up to a text message from his mother. He opened the message that read “Son, please call me. I hope you are doing okay. I haven't heard from you in such a long time!” He threw his phone on his recliner and got up. He walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and punched it. “FUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!” he yelled out and fell to the floor of the bathroom in tears.

What happened to him? Why did he turn out this way? What happened to his robot friend? Well, you see.. When he turned 18, his robot friend did not show up to his birthday. He was celebrating it with his family and relatives out of town and of course, he invited his robot friend and her father too. However.. out of the blue, they moved away and a week before his birthday was the last time he saw her when they were hanging out. He was heartbroken. They had known each other for so many years. How can they just do that out of nowhere? Especially after she made him a book of them growing up and all the fun they had and gave it to him a week before his birthday. He began to ask questions such as if she knew she was leaving and just didn't tell him, because of how he would react. The years that followed is where things got worse for him. He didn't trust anyone at all. Whenever he made new friends, they abandoned him or he was forgotten. He had nightmares about it all the time. One in particular where he is in dark room going up to a bunch of random people with their heads down not saying anything and him talking to them saying “Will you be my friend?” they slowly disappeared as he tried to ask them that question. The boy had grown up to be an alcoholic and a very mean and nasty person. He participated in fight clubs for extra cash to spend on boozes. The alcoholic man got up from the bathroom floor and grabbed his coat to go outside and take a walk. Not long after, he ended up at a park and sat there, with years of pain and anger built inside of him.

He took out a flask and began to drink from it. He then heard a voice. “Excuse me? Is anyone sitting here?” He looked up and saw a woman with brown hair and green eyes. “No” he replied. “Mind if I sit here?” she said. “It's a free fucking country.” She sat and looked at him. “You know, it's starting to get cold. I don't think you should be drinking that. Especially not here” He looked back at her. “Mind your own fucking business, bitch!” The woman was shocked at how rude he was but she did not leave. “You seem to be having a bad day..” The alcoholic man laughed. “Yeah, more like over a decade of bad days, but who cares? I'm just trying to forget about it all and maybe never wake up.” He took another drink. “Ah, shit! I'm all out!” She said nothing and placed her hand on his. “Please don't drink anymore. This is not the way to live a life” He pulled away. “What the hell is your problem, weirdo? Why don't you get lost?!” She looked down in sadness and for several seconds and replied back to him. “Because I already did that and I hurt you very badly..” The alcoholic man looked back at her. “What the hell are you talking about? Are you sure you're not as drunk as me or something, lady?” She giggled and went through her purse to search for something. She then pulled out a pop-up book of bugs and placed it next to him. “Wasn't this your favorite one?” she said smiling. He looked down at what was next to him and his eyes opened just like he did when he was a boy when he discovered his friend was a robot. “You... you..” She nodded. “It's me indeed! Long time no see, huh?” He dropped his flask from the shock and slowly began to cry.

She hugged him tightly “I'm so sorry.. I have so much to tell you..” He was unable to speak and sobbing like crazy. “WHY?! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!” he yelled in a vicious tone after not being able to say anything. “Let's go somewhere else. My scanners indicate that you are disrupting the people here and it would be best to go somewhere private..” He led her to his apartment and she was in shock at how he was living. “Explain now! Why the hell did you leave me?! You promised you wouldn't!!!!” he said banging the wall. The robotic woman began to shed tears. “I know, I know! I'm so sorry! Please believe me when I said that I was trying to convince my father that we shouldn't have left like that and especially on your birthday! Someone found out about me and they wanted to take me away from him! They wanted to study me, because they believed I was so advanced!” He said nothing and was still trying to convince himself if any of this was even real and he wasn't so drunk that he started seeing things. “But.. You look older.. Beautiful.. Where's your father?” She continued. “I knew that you would ask all these questions. The probability was 99.9% actually but you do deserve answers. My father lives on his own now on a farm. I live on my own as well and it took my father a while to get the right parts to upgrade me to look like this. The man could feel his body shaking. He was angry, sad, happy all at once and did not know what to do. “I never forgot about you. There were times where I got sad and yes, I know how to get sad like humans. My father wanted me to be as human as possible and placed it in my programming. That's why it hurts me to know that this is what happened.. All because of me..”

The man ran up to her and hugged her once again and broke down in tears. They both did. They spent hours catching up with tears of pain turning into tears of joy. She spent the night at his place and while she slept, he began to clean his apartment. He was too happy to sleep like he was when he was a boy. He gathered all the alcohol he could and poured it into the sink. “As of now.. I'm done..” When she woke from her rest mode, her friend was still awake now with a clean shave, proper clothes and something she hadn't seen in a while.. his bright smile from the very first day they met. He had also been talking to his parents and told her not to worry about him resting. That he got enough of it and was in the best mood he had been in so many years. “You are so handsome and I am happy to be here with you. There is no other place I would rather be..” He smiled once again and the two shared a kiss as the birds chirped outside on a bright and sunny day.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Happy Halloween to you all! Hope you had fun! I know I did! :D

Dallas 5 by EAZYE925
My first thought going inside this mansion was "Wow" This place was huge and very eerie. No one was around and the front of it looked like it had been through hell by something. I admired everything and couldn't help but feel alone yet calm at the same time. I had a job to do and followed instructions. I got my phone out and played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" It fit this setting perfectly and there was another reason.. I needed the music to block out the memories that tried to resurface from my past. The past was something I wanted to get away from. It's something that used to do a number on me and I think it's time to tell that story. I knew where to begin with doing this job, but where to begin with the story...?

Alone? by whatyoumaydo

(Note: Image used in this short story belongs to it's original owner and I do not claim it as my own)


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